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Health and Well-Being

Categories: Communication, Health and Well-Being

A summary of research on how attitudes are formed and change over time, with implications for prevention programs.

Categories: Environment, Health and Well-Being

There is ample research supporting the connection of humans to nature and animals for mental health and well-being. Neglecting this important connection is detrimental both mentally and physically. This presentation can be designed to fit the needs and interests of the audience, for example as a personal wellness approach, for parents, for teachers or others working with youth. The presentation can include an experiential approach, media, or lecture. If desired (since the speaker is licensed wildlife rehabilitator) educationally licensed wildlife may be included if appropriate.

Categories: Family, Health and Well-Being, Training

Informative speech on improving your relationship with your dog/s through training and grooming. Julee is in the process of completing 2 certificates from the Animal Behaviour College in training and grooming techniques.

Categories: Environment, Health and Well-Being

An overview of the issues that Public Health providers need to address in order to deal with a chemical or biological agent release. Alternatively, agents of concern can be reviewed and a discussion of how the individual can protect themselves while assisting the Public Health authorities can be addressed.

Categories: Family, Health and Well-Being

Summaries of ways young children (ages two to five) are assessed for daily physical activity and the implications of physical activity on the child's health.

Categories: Ethics, Health and Well-Being, Human Rights

Some patients, or patient interactions, are described as particularly difficult for caregivers - evoking feelings of repulsion, anger, or frustration. These patients are particularly susceptible to over medication because of the nature of these interactions. In this session, the presenter examines a case from a group home where the patient was unnecessarily over medicated. We then explore how to recognize and avoid these sorts of patient interactions and group dynamics.

Categories: Business, Cultural Studies, Ethics, Health and Well-Being, Human Rights, Politics

What obligations does a physician have when caring for a patient whose culture is fundamentally different than our own? What obligations do physicians have in providing medical translators? If dealing with a culture which believes that a patient should not be told when terminal, how can physicians negotiate this conflict? Presenter explores these issues using cases drawn from Bosnian immigrants.

Categories: Ethics, Health and Well-Being, Human Rights, Math and Science

The controversy over Plan B has again brought issues of personal conscience to the fore in health care. Should pharmacists be allowed to refuse a legal prescription (or even behind the counter) due to the pharmacist's personal beliefs? On a broader level, how does this issue apply to other care givers, such as physicians and nurses?

Categories: Ethics, Health and Well-Being

Needle exchange programs are intended to reduce the risk of AIDS and other diseases for intravenous drug users. Some, however, are concerned that such programs may encourage drug use and thus, indirectly, increase both disease and other social costs. The data from actual studies, however, suggests that studies are at worst neutral, and in some cases actually reduce rates of intravenous drug use. Presenter examines the data, ethics, and the lessons for setting up such programs in the future.

Categories: Cultural Studies, Ethics, Health and Well-Being, International Relations

Despite spending nearly 50 percent more per capita than any other nation, the U.S. health care system consistently ranks near last among major industrialized nations in terms of nearly all global measures of access and effectiveness. Why? What can be done to both decrease costs and increase effectiveness? There are two versions of this talk. One focuses on the U.S. and Canada, the other examines characteristics of multiple care systems.

Categories: Health and Well-Being
Categories: Cultural Studies, Health and Well-Being, History, Human Rights

Emphasis on how men and whites can engage in anti-racist and anti-sexist activism. The promises and problems of male and white anti-racist and anti-sexist identities.

Categories: Health and Well-Being

Infusing health literacy skills into K-12 schools is a mandate in the Iowa Core Curriculum now, and I know that many teachers and school districts are struggling with how to do this. This presentation can cover written health literacy; oral health literacy; symbolic and visual health literacy; cross-cultural health literacy; and numeric health literacy issues, and how they impact children and their families.

Categories: Health and Well-Being

How to listen to and respond to your body -- eating when you are hungry, eating what you are hungry for and stopping when you are satisfied. Intuitive eating puts an end to chronic dieting and promotes a body weight that is natural. This session will provide an introduction to intuitive eating and resources for additional information.

Categories: Health and Well-Being
Categories: Health and Well-Being

Topics for every audience.

Categories: Health and Well-Being, Politics

Public health challenges exist locally, state-wide, nationally, and internationally. These range from the flu to food safety, from smoking to STDs. The spread of disease is often something that can be prevented through proper tracking, policy safeguards, and personal responsibility. The trick is that success requires cooperation among individuals, governments, and health professionals. Licari is an expert in public health policy, particularly on the issue of smoking and health.

Categories: Health and Well-Being

Presentation covers refugee, immigrant, minority, and international health issues in Black Hawk County and in other meat packing towns around Iowa.

Categories: Ethics, Health and Well-Being, Religion

There is little doubt that, under many circumstances, prayer can improve patient outcomes. But is this due to the intercessory power of prayer, or is it due to a form of placebo effect. In other words, does the person get better simply because they believe prayer helps? Presenter reviews the issues and the research on prayer and patient outcomes.

Categories: Environment, Health and Well-Being

There are a many ways to regulate smoking, all of which work to varying degrees. Of course, regulations also have implications for personal freedoms. This has consequences for the regulations we choose to use: taxes, information, or smoking prohibitions. A Surgeon General's report on smoking has singled out research for its sophistication.

Categories: Ethics, Health and Well-Being

Studies show that advanced directives for health care are often ignored at the end of life. By examining the strengths, pitfalls, and origins of advanced directives (Living Wills, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, Cruzan), we explore both practical ways for health care providers and patients to help ensure that patient wishes are carried out.

Categories: Communication, Health and Well-Being

Communication, conflict resolution, dealing with difficult people, humor and goal setting.

Categories: Health and Well-Being
Categories: Communication, Cultural Studies, Health and Well-Being, Psychology

Educating people on forgiveness, what it is, what it is not, how to go about forgiving and how it could be healing for people.

Categories: Health and Well-Being

Motivational speech on how to lose and maintain weight for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Categories: Health and Well-Being, Motivational

Motivational speech on how to lose & maintain weight for a healthy, happy lifestyle.